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Grow Your Own Edible Garden

Grow Your Own Edible Garden

Fabian Capomolla and Mat Pember install edible gardens. After years of helping clients grow fruit and vegetables, they believe almost anyone can create their own little edible garden anywhere. In this easy-to-use guide they show you how simple it really is!

Grow Your Own Edible Garden

This complete A-Z guide of edible plants gives you vital information on how to grow more than 40 vegetables and fruit trees, including detailed planting information, ongoing maintenance advice, tips on best companions and when to harvest. The Little Veggie Patch also includes great weekend activities for kids such as making scarecrows, building spud tower sor growing beans in a bean can!

Growing up in an Italian family, Sunday lunch for Fabian Capomollo would consist of loud arguments, pasta and vegetables from the garden. Starting off in advertising before taking the leap to fulfil his dream of helping people to grow food, Fabian now has his own completely edible backyard in Melbourne with his wife and children.

Mat Pember's childhood memories revolve around his Nonna and Nonno's veggie garden in Freemantly, WA, where the freshly made pork and fennel sausages would hang from the garage ceiling and the chicken coop would be full of fresh eggs. Mat worked in landscaping before moving exclusively into edible gardening.

The fundamentals of growing your own edible plants are discussed comprehensively throughout the book including soil, climate, watering, composting, worm farms and sowing seeds and each section is fully illustrated with step-by-step plans showing you how to create your own veggie patch anywhere.

The Little Veggie Patch is lots of fun and packed full of all the information you'll need to establish your own thriving vegetable garden plus recipes and stories from Fabian & Matt's own veggie-growing experiences. This colourful guide is perfect for anyone interested in growing their own food.





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